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Navigating the LypStar FOR YOU Page

lypstar music app get famous lip sync your way to fame download now free app lipstarIf you've used LypStar before you probably already know the basics of the For You page. See someone you like? Click the + sign to follow or click on their profile picture to watch more of this user’s content. But how do you get your own videos on to the for you page of other users? Let's find out!

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Is it really FREE to use the LypStar APP?

enjoy fun using lypstar media app get famous fame lip sync your way to fame download nowWith the LypStar APP you can create, edit, and share short videos from any genre, including but not limited to: lip sync, dance, food, workout, storytelling, animals, and more! 

Users can also LIVE stream to a global audience with ONLY 100 followers! It's no wonder why LypStar is the fastest gr…

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