Sig Sauer P365 X Macro

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A tool that’s a good deal much less made complex to carry concealed commonly consists of giving up like decreased capability, a good deal a lot less understanding real estate, together with included muzzle boost. Yet afterwards came tools like the Sig Sauer P365, which significantly increased the capability of sub-compact devices. Afterwards Sig once again pushed the capability of a little hand device when they provided the P365 XMacro, that included 5 rounds to the P356 for a complete quantity of 17+1 capability. The XMacro in addition to that increased the understanding real estate together with minimize muzzle turn. 

I don’t such as changing over up my essential lug gadget, nevertheless the XMacro had proper new credit report to get me to check into one out at my community gadget store—I got it that day. Thinking about that, I’ve positioned 800 rounds with it, together with I’m ready to share what I consider the gadget. 

P365 XMacro Requirements together with Method Aspects

  • Costs High Quality: 9mm Luger
  • Sights: X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights
  • General Dimension: 6.6 inches
  • General Dimension: 1.1 inches
  • Altitude: 5.2 inches
  • Barrel Dimension: 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 21.5 ounces
  • Work: Demonstrator
  • Tool Rail: M1913

Optics Ready

The Sig P365 XMacro is lowered for an RMS Guard result. Some evident red dot alternatives that fit that outcome are the Sig Sauer ROMEOZero, Holosun EPS Carry, Bushnell RX Micro, together with Leupold DeltaPoint Pro


The XMacro consists of Sig’s XRAY3 sights. Throughout the day, the excellent eco-friendly, fluorescent polymer façade is quickly recognizable, together with the blacked-out back sight help with façade focus. Throughout the evening, the tritium façade beams excellent, together with 2 little back tritium dots help with sight positioning. 


Macro compensator
The XMacro’s barrel is much shorter than the slide. Scott Einsmann

Compensators on lug tools is a widening pattern, nevertheless it commonly suggests you call for a threaded barrel to fasten a compensator. The XMacro has a unique method of rerouting gas like a compensator nevertheless without connecting anything throughout of the barrel. The slide is longer than the barrel, together with it has cuts in breakthrough to air vent gas. 

Does it run? Amongst the really initial facets I observed worrying the XMacro was that it was an incredibly level recording gadget. Contrasted to my M&P Guard, there is significantly a good deal a lot less muzzle flip. You can see the gas being sent out straight in images I took throughout testing. 

Dimension, Dimension, Weight 

Size comparison
(Resulting in bototm) M&P Guard, Sig Macro, together with M&P M2.0. Scott Einsmann

You can have a look at the considerable requirements in the listing over, nevertheless provided right here are some included requirements to supply you a tip of the XMacro’s measurement.

On my array, an unloaded XMacro with a Holosun EPS positioned examined 1 included additional pound 6 ounces. 

From last idea of the beavertail to the front of the slide, the gadget checks out 6 ⅝ inches. The gadget is 5 ¼ inches from the top of the slide to the base of the mag. It’s 1-inch large at its finest element, the mag well. 


The XMacro is just 1-inch large, nevertheless it has a 17-round capability with flush-fit magazines—no growths needed. It’s relatively a job to get full-size hand device capability right into a bring gadget, nevertheless it contains a surrendering. As you get the 15th round seated, you’ll observe that the sticking to 2 rounds are actually challenging to large amounts. If you prepare to complete to finish capability, a magazine loader is the only method to make the treatment not an exercise in swelling. Sig has a mag loader with the gadget. 

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Looking At the Sig P365 XMacro on the Option 

I’ve launched 800 rounds with my XMacro, that consisted of Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot G2, American Eagle, Federal Syntech, Sports Layer Brass, together with Winchester White Box. Throughout those 800 rounds, I never ever in the previous cleaned up or lubed the gadget together with had definitely no break downs. Which consists of selection sessions where I was shooting in the rains, unfavorable troubles, together with lowered mags in the dirt. 

Right Below is what I consider the XMacro’s trigger, useful styles, recoil, together with benefit of bring based upon my time shooting it. 

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Allowed’s start with my the really the actually the really the very least popular component of the XMacro, the trigger. It’s a detailed trigger draw without defined quiting element. It just frequently slides along till it harms. 

It starts with the take-up you’re benefited from to with striker-fired tools, not a problem there. Afterwards you have around ¼ inch included task till the gadget fires. I’d specify that ¼ inch of task as squishy together with unsure considering that as the trigger slides in the direction of the break, it’s evaluating to acknowledge when the gadget will definitely end up. 

That’s a scholastic have a look at the trigger, nevertheless in strategy, I had not a problem recording fast together with specifically at 10 yards. The only time the trigger developed a real issue is when I launched groups at 25 yards considering that if I didn’t focus on the trigger pull, my groups opened.  

Handy Layouts

XMacro ergonomics
The mag launch together with relocation stopped are straightforward for the author to reach. Scott Einsmann

I place on an extra-large handwear cover together with can get a full understanding on the XMacro. The magazine launch together with relocation stopped stay in improvement quickly reached without harmful my understanding. To get a consisted of perspective, my pal that has a great deal smaller sized hands, in addition to that can reach the magazine launch without harming her understanding. She specified the understanding measurement actually actually feels amazing to her together with the trigger reach profited her hand measurement. 

You can customize the acknowledging measurement by changing the 3 had backstraps (little, device, significant). The backstraps together with the majority of the understanding have a look that strikes an outstanding protection in between grippy without being harsh. I’ve launched the XMacro in the placing rains together with never ever in the previous shed my understanding with wet hands. 

The framework has an undercut trigger guard together with beavertail, which market a high understanding for a lot better recoil control. The XMacro has in advancement together with back slide serrations, so you can press check to your heart’s desire. 


The amazing useful styles make the Sig XMacro an extremely easy-to-shoot lug gadget. Yet what I think aid it release actually degree, contrasted to my M&P Guard, is the compensator. It’s not a standard threaded-on compensator, together with it’s not furthermore affixed to the barrel. Instead, the slide is longer than the barrel together with has cuts that training course gas upwards. It’s an extremely great method to establish recoil control right into a bring gadget. It’s in improvement amazing for individuals that stay in states that restrict threaded barrels. 


Sig Sauer P365 XMacro, Tested and Reviewed
The XMacro’s mag well. Scott Einsmann

When you struck the magazine launch change the mags flash of the gadget—no flicking mags out asked for. I can furthermore hold the understanding along with the ground together with vacant mags still entirely eliminate. The mag well is flared, which helps in striking reloads, together with the mags quickly seat. 


X Macro Holster
Scott Einsmann

I got the Sig Macro as a bring gadget, together with I’ve been bring it appendix after my really initial selection session in a Price 1 Concealed Agis Elite. The understanding framework hasn’t exacerbated my skin together with the gadget fits to carry. Something of note is that the gadget’s barrel dimension together with essential thickness are phenomenal for concealed lug, nevertheless the understanding dimension jumps on the longer end. It won’t be a trouble if you’re benefited from to bring a Glock 19-sized gadget, nevertheless don’t expect P365-type concealability. 

Takedown together with Cleansing 

Removing the gadget for a routine cleaning is actually straightforward. Right right listed below’s specifically just precisely just how it’s done:

  • Unload
  • Lock the slide to the back
  • Transform the takedown bar 90 degrees
  • Move the slide ahead of time till comes off the rails 
  • Afterwards you can remove the wrap-up post together with barrel for cleaning 

I certainly worth that Sig has in fact in fact removed the need to fire to eliminate the gadget, which manages in striker-fired devices. 

What the XMacro Does Greatest

Macro size comparison
(Delegated right) M&P 2.0, XMacro, together with M&P Guard. Scott Einsmann

The P365 XMacro has a great deal going for it including: recoil control, rounded capability, straightforward optics mounting, amazing carryability, together with useful styles for a big series of shooters. All those superior top quality are why it altered my numerous different other concealed lug devices. 

Where the XMacro Can Increase

The trigger is the least amazing element worrying the XMacro, nevertheless I assume it won’t take yearn for an aftermarket trigger ahead of time along. The issue in mag loading is a consisted of drawback, nevertheless one that is practical large amounts of lots of thanks to the had mag loader. 

Last Reminders 

The XMacro isn’t a pocket weapon, together with it isn’t a full-size gadget. It goes down someplace in between both. With its 17-round capability, uncut understanding, slim account, compensator, together with rapid barrel, it’s a gadget that you can take pleasure in taping at the selection together with happily haul.