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Family Creation Instructions:

Want to display your family on your LypStar profile? This form submission and completed purchase allows you display the family name of your choice and puts your family name in the drop down menu for your members to display on their page.

Please submit a Help Ticket for special pricing if you have more than one member of your family to display the Family Leader icon.

Once a name has been registered it cannot be claimed by any other group/person without the original purchaser's permission. LypStar is in no way responsible for registered names being issued to unauthorized parties, this system is run on a first come first serve basis, so BUY NOW!

Fill out the form below COMPLETELY and then hit submit. You can then hit the BUY NOW button to complete your purchase. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an icon on your profile and an email with instructions, or a support email, within 72 hours. ONLY Unapproved Accounts and technological errors will be refunded, NO REFUNDS will be issued for any other purposes.

Family Leader Form:

Buy Your Family Leader Account Now:




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