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How to become a Verified User on LypStar

short form video mobile music app free lypsatr get famous lip sync your way to fameLypStar verified status is on every content creator’s wishlist, but it can be so confusing to figure out how to get that little badge on your profile! If you’ve been wondering how to get verified on LypStar, search no further. We’ve got the answers you need. 

While LypStar provides multiple ways to earn VERIFIED status, in this article we will explore the most common ways of reaching this goal. Ready to get that prestigious badge on LypStar? Let’s dive in!  

What is a Verified Badge on LypStar?

get verified user influencer popular creator lypstar lyp star app lipsync lip sync your way to fame get famous fameYou’ve seen the little badges (icon can vary) next to some of your favorite LypStar account names. This badge means that the account is officially verified by LypStar Media. People, brands, and businesses with the LypStar Media verified badge are authentic.

Who can get verified on LypStar?

Anyone, who works for it! LypStar does not hand out verified accounts based on activity on other Social Media. This gives EVERYONE an equal opportunity and better ensures that only authentic users are recognized. 

Why does everyone want a verified badge on LypStar?

Let’s be real. The little icon next to your username is important for verifying real LypStar accounts, but it’s also a status symbol. After all, if you’ve earned a badge on LypStar you must be somebody important, right? That’s why getting LypStar verified is a major milestone for growing accounts. 

How to Get Your Verified Badge on LypStar Media

It seems obvious, but start with downloading the LypStar app.

But don't just download the LypStar app; fill out your profile completely, post content (you can upload already made short videos or create new content), and watch videos others have created.

Be an active user on the LypStar app.

Make sure you're posting new content frequently. This is the best way to be seen, and be seen often, by a wide variety of LypStar users. Watch, like, and comment on other users videos. Share your unique videos with family and friends on other social media sites.

Invite new users.

When you invite your friends and family to become part of LypStar your follower base naturally grows as does the LypStar community. Although there is no follower number requirement to become a verified user on LypStar having a large influence can help you to reach your verified user goal quicker.

lypstar lyp star pronounced lipstar or lip star has a discord server to chat about music app Be a member of the LypStar DISCORD Server.

This step should not be ignored. It is rare to never that an account will be approved for verification that is not a LypStar discord participant. This is the primary source of off app communication, and without it you will not be able to keep up with LypStar information and events.

Increase your LypStar app rankings.

Consistent posting, a strong follower count, viewing user videos, and receiving likes on your content can all help to increase your app rankings. No members of the LypStar app are immune to being ranked. Even the LypStar owners and operators have rankings visable on their profile, and all of these rankings are earned (no one can receive a rank without earning it).

Fill out a Verified User application on the LypStar app.

While this step alone cannot get you a badge, it doesn't hurt. Completing the verification application let's LypStar know that your interested in getting a verified account. Your account will be reviewed and you may receive an email letting you know the next steps you should complete to obtain your badge. 

Try applying for an Influencer position by posting an audition video.

A simple, but effective, way to become an influencer on LypStar is to put up a short video using the hashtag #InfluencerAudition (case sensitive). There are no restrictions on what type of video this should be, but we recommend that this is a video (or videos) that you feel will have a strong presence on the app. 

Bypass the red tape by becoming a supporter.

From time to time users wish to make substantial donations to the LypStar Media app to help with the expenses associated with keeping it running smoothly and upgrading it with all of the user suggested features. If you are interested in making a donation (of $250 or more) please open a LypStar Help Desk Ticket to learn more.

Apply for a job with LypStar Media.

job listing now hiring lypstar get famous fame lip sync your way to fame music short video app download now freeThe fastest way to become a verified user on LypStar is to become a member of staff. LypStar Media staff members are given a verified icon and have access to all the benefits and features of all the other types of verified accounts (popular creator, influencer, supporter, etc.). LypStar Media job listings (and application) are readily available on the LypStar website, and occasionally appear on the LypStar Media Discord Server. Both paid and volunteer positions are available.

If you want to work for LypStar, but don't think your skill set fits the definition of any available positions, don't despair! Feel free to fill out an application for LypStar employment and we will do our best to find the perfect assignment for you. 

That's it! Depending on the path you choose to reach verification status it can be pretty simple. Any way you choose it's fairly transparent in comparison to other Social Media sites. 

Don't forget, that many perks come with being a verified content creator on the LypStar - Get Famous app. The verified badge helps to establish trustworthiness, gets your videos viewed first, in many cases allows you access to additional private chat areas on the LypStar Discord Server. and more!


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