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Is it really FREE to use the LypStar APP?

enjoy fun using lypstar media app get famous fame lip sync your way to fame download nowWith the LypStar APP you can create, edit, and share short videos from any genre, including but not limited to: lip sync, dance, food, workout, storytelling, animals, and more! 

Users can also LIVE stream to a global audience with ONLY 100 followers! It's no wonder why LypStar is the fastest growing social media app on the internet.

LypStar is FREE OF CHARGE for anyone to use. While a selection of monetary options are available as in-app purchases, all features are available without using any form of payment. Even the in-app purchase of coins made to send real cash valued gifts to other users can be obtained at no cost by completing a variety of tasks posted regularly on the LypStar DISCORD Server.

lypstar music video editing app lip sync your way to fame lyp star famous get famous download now free app free of chargeThere are so many features on LypStar, and more are added frequently, that it will keep you entertained for hours. Watch videos from around the globe, create new content with the LypStar editing and effects features, even upload content created other places. The possibilities are endless!

LypStar users are real people who want to connect with new friends and old thru music, entertainment, and fun! Keeping the LypStar APP free is a top priority so everyone participate. 



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