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How-to Get Twitch Followers from LypStar - Get Famous

alt to tiktok alternative twitch promo promote your twitch alternative to tiktok video gamesDo you know that LypStar is a great way to build your Twitch audience? 


With the ability to directly link your Twitch in your LypStar profile it is a perfect platform to increase Twitch traffic. You’ll be getting more Twitch followers and engagement in no time. 


Let’s start growing!


How to Grow Twitch with LypStar


Looking for new and innovative ways to grow your Twitch audience? LypStar is your answer. 


With LypStar’s visionary algorithm, the chance for any content creator to go viral, and LypStar’s global reach ,many accounts have noticed an increase in their Twitch audience since joining LypStar. 


Are you ready to grow your Twitch audience with LypStar? Here are some great steps you can follow to get Twitch followers from LypStar.


Get Twitch Followers from LypStar #1: Connect Your Twitch to Your LypStar Profile


Connecting your Twitch account to LypStar is as easy as 1-2-3.


Step One:


While it seems obvious, the first step is to download the LypStar - Get Famous app. 


Once the app is downloaded make sure to accept all needed permissions, choose your language, and explore the app to get an idea of what content is currently trending.


Step Two:


Navigate to your LypStar profile page and click the three dots (lines) at the top to open profile editing options.


Here you will be able to choose your name, username, social media accounts, customize your bio, and more. Make sure to fill out your profile as completely as possible, this will draw more viewers to your account.


Step Three:


Add your Twitch information and clickable link (or LinkTree) to your customized bio. 


Tell people a little something about your Twitch channel and why they should come watch. When people click your Twitch (or LinkTree) link they will be directed to leave the LypStar app and open the destination your link directs them to.


It’s that simple!


Get Twitch Followers from LypStar #2: Tease Twitch Content in Your Video Caption


Introduce your LypStar followers to your Twitch account by sharing clipped videos on LypStar and then directing your followers to join your Twitch account to see the ultimate outcome of the clip. Just use the LypStar video editor to clip your live stream gaming clip at a critical point, leaving your video with a cliffhanger. Direct people to see the end of your video by visiting your Twitch page. 

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Get Twitch Followers from LypStar #3: Make a LypStar Video Showing Off What You Post on Twitch


If you have different types of content on each platform, show your LypStar followers what they’re missing out on by not following you on Twitch. 


Share dynamic, instructional, or funny video clips from Twitch in your LypStar video feed to give people an idea of what to expect if they tune in.


Also consider starting a unique #hashtag that you can promote on both platforms to raise awareness about your account and the games you play.


Get Twitch Followers from LypStar #4: Use Consistent Branding


You may be surprised to find out how many people search for you on Twitch after visiting your LypStar account. 


If you’re creating engaging content on LypStar it is only natural that users will want to see what you’re up to outside of the LypStar app.


Make finding you on Twitch easy for your audience by keeping your username and profile picture the same on both platforms.If you are having trouble getting the username you want on LypStar just open a Help Desk Ticket and we will go all we can to help.


Get Twitch Followers from LypStar #5:  Promote a Twitch Giveaway


An effective way you can convert your LypStar audience into Twitch followers is by promoting a giveaway. 


Simply do this by creating LypStar videos promoting the upcoming giveaway. Use the video caption to include any relevant information. In addition, you can advertise your giveaway in your LypStar bio.


Remember your LypStar bio gives you space to let your followers know who you are, what you’re about, and what you offer.


play video games twitch live stream live streaming twitch short video gaming twitchGet Twitch Followers from LypStar #6: Create Engaging Content


You can follow all the ideas we’ve shared above, but if your LypStar content isn’t engaging or reaching the right people, you may not notice an increase of Twitch followers from LypStar. 


You want Twitch followers who are interested in what you’re sharing and not just following you to follow. The great thing about LypStar is that the algorithm pushes your content out to the right people. So, if you’re consistently creating engaging content for your LypStar audience, the Twitch followers will find you.


LypStar and Twitch are two of the fastest growing social media platforms, and when used together, they can help expand your growth and build deeper connections with your audience! Keep creating engaging content on both platforms, and you’ll give your LypStar audience a reason to follow you over on Twitch.


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