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Become an Official LypStar Media Broadcaster

Apply for a LypStar Media Broadcaster Account

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With a LypStar Media Broadcaster account you will receive a monthly bonus to complete the following:

  • 30+ effective live stream hours per month
  • 15+ effective days per month
  • 35,000+ coins received per month

LypStar Media Broadcaster Bonus breakdown:

Hours per MonthDays per MonthMonthly CoinsLypStar Bonus

Additionally LypStar Media Broadcaster Accounts receive 70% of their profits (instead of 60%) if they meet their goal. Otherwise monies will be paid out at 40%. Payouts made thru Paypal will receive an additional service charge.

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Parental Consent Form


The LypStar Media Broadcasting Agency aims to provide independent creators with the resources they need to break into the lucrative world of live broadcasting at a higher pay-rate than they often find on similar platforms.
Yes, money can be taken from any and all revenue points to help you reach your bonus.
No. Because when you sign with an agency you are agreeing to support them financially you will NOT be able to support more than one agency at a time.
Your monthly balance is still transferred to your agency and then distributed according to your agreement.
You must contact your agency directly to be released from an agency contract. It is up to the agency to decide if you can cancel your contract.
Send an email to Include your agencies name and your LypStar app user name.
Yes. You will receive a notice when your balance has been transferred to your agency.
No, as this is not an available platform at this time. You can sign up once LypStar for IOS is released.
No, as this is not an available platform at this time. You can sign up once LypStar for PC is released.

LypStar Media Live Streaming Talent Agency Application

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Start or expand your current talent agency to a LypStar Media Live Streaming Agency account: 

  • Control how and where your users income is distributed.
  • Your users will earn a higher percentage their profits that will then be distributed according to your agency contract.
  • Choose the payout bonuses for your users based on your goals.
  • Create and modify your own user contract, rules and conditions*
  • Receive a custom channel in the LypStar Media Discord Server to keep in communication with your team.
  • Agency account on the LypStar - Get Famous app will be upgraded to a Business Account and will be able to create videos with direct clickable links attached.

*Must comply with LypStar Media App TOS, Community Guidelines, and other policies..

Agency Application:
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Parental Consent Form



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